Fluid Mechanics VTU Syllabus

Module-1 Fluids & Their Properties: Concept of fluid, Systems of units. Properties of fluid; Mass density, Specific weight, Specific gravity, Specific volume, Viscosity, Newton’s law of viscosity (theory & problems), Cohesion, Adhesion, Surface tension, Pressure inside a water droplet, soap bubble and liquid jet. Numerical problems,& Capillarity. The capillary rise in a vertical tube and […]

Strength Of Materials

Module-1 Simple Stresses and Strain: Introduction, Definition and concept and of stress and strain. Hooke’s law, Stress-Strain diagrams for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, a factor of safety, Elongation of tapering bars of circular and rectangular cross-sections, Elongation due to self-weight. Saint Venant’s principle, Compound bars, Temperature stresses, Compound section subjected to temperature stresses, state of simple […]

Strength Of Materials

Strength of Materials (SOM) is a fundamental engineering subject that forms an integral part of the curriculum in Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) and many other engineering institutions worldwide. This subject primarily deals with understanding the behavior of solid materials when subjected to external forces or loads. The insights gained from studying this subject are crucial […]